S100 Colour Refresher 300 ml

S100 Colour Refresher 300 ml

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Colour refreshment - for faded surfaces

The rain, sun and road dirt chip away at the appearance of every machine. Black engine parts in particular often suffer the effects of bleaching. This usually leads to even well-maintained bikes quickly losing their bright colour.

The S100 Colour Refresher permanently upgrades the look of bleached surfaces, e.g. a grey engine block, painted and unpainted metal elements and plastic parts. The spray is primarily characterised by its temperature and anti-wash resistance (e.g. during rainy rides and after multiple bike washes). The S100 Colour Refresher is easy to apply and dries spotlessly. Its transparency means this product can be used universally. Protects against (additional) bleaching caused UV rays.

Application: wash the bike with S100 Total Cleaner+ and leave to dry then polish. Shake the product thoroughly and spray an even, thin layer at a distance of approx. 20 cm. Then leave to dry completely.

Note: to protect neighbouring surfaces that cannot be treated (tyres, seat, speedometer covers), only apply the product to the rims, fairing, fittings, etc. with a wet cloth. Do not spray!

Wipe all smooth plastic surfaces, e.g. fairing, with an absorbent cloth after application.


  • Grey surfaces? As good as NEW! e.g. engine parts, plastics, rubber, etc.
  • Refreshes bleached parts and adds depth colour as well as a silky matte shine
  • Temperature-resistant, dries spotlessly and is resistant during rainy rides and multiple bike washes
  • Protects against (additional) bleaching caused UV rays

Application areas:

  • Bleached metal parts, painted and unpainted plastics, rubber, etc.
  • Greyed and bleached metallic bike parts – painted and unpainted (e.g. engine block, frame, swing arms, engine side covers, rims)
  • Bleached, rough and painted plastics and rubber parts (e.g. side fairing, interior trim, protective guard, fittings, carbon parts, topcase, plastic cases, indicators, mirror, etc.)
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