S100 Scratch Polish - 50 ml

S100 Scratch Polish - 50 ml

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NEW FORMULA! = even better scratch removal in just one step!

Regular usage leaves unavoidably attractive marks on the motorcycle over time. The paint and plastic get scratches that often can't be removed using conventional polishes. Until now, people have had to put up with these „blemishes“ or pay big sums of money to get professional help.


Warning: CANNOT be used on unpainted plastics (e.g. back of the mirror or dyed plastic parts with no clear varnish).

  1. Shake tube before use
  2. Dampen the special blue cloth with water and wring out thoroughly
  3. Apply the product to the special blue cloth then use to polish the clean, dry surface under strong pressure for approx. 1 minute.
  4. Allow the polished areas to dry for approx. 1 minute and buff with the white wash cloth supplied.

If necessary, repeat process from step 1. Warning: Always keep the blue polish cloth moist


  • Achieves a visible result much faster: ultra-glossy surface and colour depth (very different to new paints)
  • Greater effectiveness during application thanks to a creamier consistency
  • Even simpler polishing
  • Completely removes fine scratches and doesn't just cover them up
  • No danger of causing new scratches during polishing
  • A single working step, making application easier and faster

Notes: Deep, fillable scratches that sometimes go right down to the base can only be eliminated by professional paint repairs. We advise against trying to do this yourself with abrasive media (e.g. sandpaper). The high level of coating removal means their is a risk of damage.

Store the bottle to protect against frost. Do not use in direct sunlight or on heated surfaces! Do not use on chrome-plated plastic parts (e.g. vehicle emblems) or soft or rough, unpainted plastic surfaces (e.g. the seat)! Do not use on matte paints!

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