Wunderlich USB dual socket - black

Wunderlich USB dual socket - black

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The USB dual socket is designed to replace the original BMW DIN socket. It also does away with wobbly adapters. The socket installs in the same position and using the original connector. This means no soldering or cabling of a new line are required.

The facts:

  • Plug and Play system
  • Replaces the original BMW DIN socket
  • USB socket comes with 2 USB ports
  • Suitable for connecting smartphones, tablets, cameras and navigation devices
  • Cluttered USB adapters are no longer necessary
  • Sealing cap for USB jack to protect against dust and rain
  • Compatible with CAN-Bus
  • Intelligent device recognition
  • Integrated protection against short-circuiting, overheating and overpowering
Technical info
  • Converts the voltage of 12 V to USB standard 5 V
  • Output power: 5V/3300mA (input 1: 2.3A / input 2: 1.0A)
  • Colour: Black
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By Erwin, posted on 12 March 2020
Good product
By Konstantin, posted on 13 October 2019
I was able to mount it in a few minutes and it’s really plug and play
Excellent product
By Carlos, posted on 5 June 2019
Easy to install and practical on the motorbike. Together with the SP Connect motorbike mount with wireless charger there is no way to run out of battery in long tours.
Good Product
By Roger, posted on 28 May 2019
I was able to fit it in a few minutes (especially after discovering the spanner under the instruction leaflet!).
I use to power a sat nav and an iphone when on the move.
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