BMW mirror left
  • BMW mirror left

BMW mirror left

Part No. 37880-000
Price: €29.90
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The object of purchase may not include potentially shown accessory parts.

There’s no point in having a rear-view mirror on the bike unless you can actually see something in it.

You can often see everything except the things the mirror was designed to show you. For a good view of the following traffic.

We have sorted this problem out and can move your mirror the required number of centimetres to bring it into the right position. With its custom fit and shapely design, the extension can be integrated into the series production design and is a big leap forward in safety terms.

The facts:

  • round plastic housing
  • unprocessed mirror glas
  • suitable for many BMW types
  • standart or extension equipment
  • fitted like original one
  • ball joint

Price per unit.

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