NGK spark plug Iridium DCPR8EIX

NGK spark plug Iridium DCPR8EIX

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NGK is known as the worldwide most important supplier of motorcycle spark plugs. Numerous (motorcycle) manufacturers, as well as many teams of the MotoGP and the entire Moto2 trust in these products. Even the standard version of NGK spark plugs offers outstanding quality, which stands for steady engine running, clean throttle response and a long life.

At the moment, the NGK Iridium spark plugs are the highest quality solution. Due to their extremely thin and resistant center electrode the Iridium spark plugs provide a better throttle response, more engine power and efficiency. Because of a special technology the soot formation on short distances is prevented.

Furthermore, the pollutant ejection and fuel consumption is reduced. While the distance between the electrodes of standard spark plugs becomes bigger with the time, the performance of the Iridium spark plugs stays constant for their whole lifetime.

The Facts:

  • double lifetime
  • high self-cleaning effect
  • ideal and efficient combustion
  • low soot formation
  • better acceleration values
  • constant distance of the electrodes
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