Wunderlich fold-away lifting handel

Wunderlich fold-away lifting handel

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Lifting a motorcycle onto the centre stand is no easy task, as the leverage ratio is hardly perfect. This folding handle makes lifting the bike onto the centre stand much easier, especially when the bike is fully loaded. The facts:
  • Fast deployment
  • Optimum leverage ratio.
  • Easy to lift bike onto centre stand.
  • Non-slip, grooved grip.
  • Fast folding mechanism.
  • Precision machined of high quality material.
  • Anodised aluminium.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • The mounting point on the rear footrest bracket can be chosen depending on rider height.
  • 5 years warranty
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What a relief
16 May 2012
Makes a guy wonder why these aren't orig. equip. on the R1150r, GSs, etc. A good, sturdy handle. Straightforward instructions. Lifting on the center stand is a breeze now.
Great for "Old Guy"
10 February 2012
Much easier than trying to contort wrist. Should have been standard equipment. Wunderlich - quaility!
7 April 2011
Quality product. I use it every time I put the bike on the centerstand. I haven't used it with luggage loaded, but I am confident it will greatly improve the lifting.
Lift Handle is great!
2 April 2011
After riding BMWs for 30 years, my '05 1200GS was the only bike I have ever had trouble lifting onto the center stand. This was compounded by shoulder surgery three months ago. The lift handle has been a marvelous improvement. The bike has now become one of the easiest to get on the stand, even with the crazy design of the '05 stand.
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