S100 Paint & Plastic Polish

S100 Paint & Plastic Polish

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Deep gloss - for all flat surfaces.

The motorcycle industry is increasingly using high-quality metal parts treated with different paints as well as painted or dyed plastics and perspex windshields for the fairings. Unlike the car industry, these parts are subjected to very high stresses in daily use. If not maintained sufficiently or incorrectly, these surfaces quickly lose their shine and attractive look.

The S100 Paint & Plastic Polish gives all smooth surfaces such as painted metal parts (monochrome, coloured and metallic paints), mint condition and weather paints, painted plastics, dyed plastics, perspex windshields and visors (not mirrored visors), decorative decals, etc. a deep and glossy shine. The polish is especially suitable for removing fine scratches and matte areas from all smooth surfaces. The wax component integrated into this care product seals treated surfaces and coats them in a water-repellent layer. This polish can be applied easily and sparingly, resulting in a brilliant shine, all without using solvents.

Application: shake well before use. Depending on the level of dirt, clean the motorcycle with S100 Total Cleaner. Rub in the polish sparingly with a cloth or a polishing cloth. Leave it to dry briefly and polish with a towel.


  • Removes fine scratches and matte areas
  • Refreshes the colour
  • Easy to use
  • Sparing and simple application
  • Contains zero solvents
  • Water-deflecting

Application areas:

  • Painted metal parts (monochrome, coloured and metallic paint)
  • Dyed, smooth plastic parts
  • Painted, smooth plastic parts
  • Perspex windshields
  • Weathered and new paint
  • Painted rims
  • Decorative decals (does not remove these)
  • Airbrush paints

Note: Store the bottle to protect against frost.

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