Wunderlich On board tool set

Wunderlich On board tool set

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This handy kit features our MultiTool combined with all needed Hexalobular bits and it makes it possible to remove nearly all fairing parts and as well as the front wheel.

For loosening and tightening many fasteners, the MultiTool functions as a screwdriver handle in combination with the supplied bits. If the fasteners are too tight (such as front axle bolts, rear wheel bolts, etc.) The screwdriver of the original tool kit can be used as a lever by passing it through the hole.

Tip: The large Hexalobular that is needed for the removal of the rear wheel is not a size that you will find everywhere. Therefore carrying the correct tools with you is a good idea to ensure that you can get the work done on your bike, even if you don’t do it yourself.

Note: Maximum torque of 100 NM/73 ft.-lbs can be applied to the hexagon (but not for the bit insert!)

This set includes:

  • Wunderlich MultiTool
  • Hexalobular Bits made in Germany (20/25/27/30/40/45/50)
  • leatherette pouch

These are very high quality, workshop grade Hexalobular bits that are made to last!

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1 November 2019
If you only could bring one tool! Get this.
18 September 2019
Exactly what I needed
Handige tool voor de R1200RT
2 May 2018
Super handig deze tool.
praktisch alles kun je er mee losmaken.
16 April 2018
When trying to build an compact and light toolkit this is the the right thing. All the torx you need and the excellent multi-tool. Add a few more items and you have most of the tools you need.
Tiny tools that saved my day...
26 January 2017
Best tool you can buy for R 1200 RT also.
When you build your own toolkit this really does the trick, it's easy to store on your tools pocket, and it may "save" your day!
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