Wunderlich Oxygen sensor guard

Wunderlich Oxygen sensor guard

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A bent sensor or torn off sensor cable happen quite often. A damage that not only leads to problems with the fuel management.

The oxygen sensor is also quite expensive and cannot be repaired. The cover developed by us provides effective protection and permanently maintains the function of the sensitive sensor.

The facts:
  • Effective protection from branches and stones.
  • Reduces dirt accumulation.
  • Easy and simple attachment, with and without Wunderlich protection bars*

* Does not fit with original protection bar.

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A "nice to have" product
By Schwarzkopf, posted on 7 May 2017
If you are not into buying the bash plate from Wunderlich or other manufacturers, you will be exposed to stones from the road or from the other cars you are sharing the road with. The sensor is a part that costs 3 to 4 times more than this piece of equipment. Word of caution here, if this sensor is broken, your engine might get into safe mode for exhaust gases because it can not read the amount of CO levels coming from the burnt gas. I would recommend fitting it in, since it is not that expensive. Take assistance from the dealer while installing because it gets mounted on the engine block and it is aluminium, as long as you don't use a Torque wrench you might cause irreversible damage to your block.
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