Wunderlich Theft-proof wheel bolt M10x40 - M 10 x 40

Wunderlich Theft-proof wheel bolt M10x40 - M 10 x 40

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It is easier to remove the rear wheel of a BMW than any other vehicle. Whilst we appreciate the ease of servicing this brings, it has also led to disaster on two occasions: The first time, the whole bike disappeared, leaving just the rear wheel chained to a lamp-post, and the second time, the wheel itself was stolen.

This bolt, made of tempered chrome-molybdenum steel, can only be removed using a special adapter. Replacing just one wheel bolt will be enough to protect your bike against theft.

For years, special wheel nuts to make the wheels theftproof have been standard in cars. This standard has
now finally been transferred to the motorcycle sector.

Important note:
These models come with two different bolt lengths. Please check before ordering. This can be read from the outside without any need to remove the wheel.

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