Quick-bi-lock II - black

Quick-bi-lock II - black

Part No. 24980-000
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Now there is no longer any problem when disconnecting the fuel lines. These fuel couplings seal on both sides
to prevent leakage in either direction (there is a sealing mechanism in both parts).

This new black design has a smoother inner surface which protects the O-ring. And if the O-ring should get damaged, there is a reasonably priced replacement. As there are no fuel taps, this is a sensible improvement that makes repairs and aintenance work cleaner and more pleasant.

Fits all fuel lines and 8 mm hoses. Resistant to acids, oil and petrol, of course. OEM quality.

Note: Sold in either black or white colour versions

Coupling Set (male + female)

An additional screw thread clamp is recommended for fuel injection engines in order to secure the fuel pipes. (24930-000)


Good product, but deceptive description...
By Doug P, posted on 1 May 2011
The Bi-Lock coupling works quite nice allowing you to remove a gas tank without spilling gas or having to drain the tank. My issue is with the picture of the product which clearly shows 2 of the couplings; giving the impression that is what you will get if you order this. The wording of the description uses "These" to describe the coupling which is the plural form of "this", which also insinuates you are buying two, in fact you only get one. In fairness it says down in the description that you should order 2 sets if you have 2 fuel lines. I have since learned to pay more attention to the wording in the descriptions on this site. I purchased a Motion Pro coupling for the second fuel line from Cycle Gear for under $20. I do not have any product quality comparisons that justify why the Wunderlich coupling costs $50 and Cycle Gear costs $20. At that price difference I need a lot of convincing evidence to make me order this product from Wunderlich again.
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