Wunderlich Screen »MARATHON«

Wunderlich Screen »MARATHON«

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Great comfort for long and relaxed trips. Wind protection and comfort are “state of the art”.The screen, protracted to the rider, is also adjustable as the original one, and provides a maximum protection for all body sizes.

The facts:

  • Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms
  • Higher and considerably widened at the bottom (transition to the protectors)
  • Due to a special production technology there’s no need of edge protector for the 5 mm thick Lexan plastic screen.
  • Adjustable to almost all riders and driving habits
  • Built-in flow channel: depending on the height selected, the aperture changes, counterbalancing turbulence with a calming reverse flow
  • No water ”dancing” on the visor in case of rain (low-pressure turbulences).
  • The design has been taken consistently in every line. The screen integrate perfectly the total layout, underline the design and makes the GS to an imposing look
  • Material: Robust, optically pure PMMA acrylic plastic
  • Width: 476mm
  • Height: 524 mm
  • 5 years of guarantee
  • 60 days right of return
  • ABE approved
  • Part of certificate of conformity

Because of the wobbling original adjusting mechanism, we suggest our screen reinforcement.
Also available as a set: 42710-501 (clear) or 42710-502 (smokey grey).

Our experience:
by normal road use (flat road surface and up to 150 km/h) it’s still calm. On bumpy roads, high speed or/and off road use the original bracket rattles quite loudly (with the original and touring screen).

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23 May 2020
Wunderlich Screen MARATHON
11 January 2020
after having already bought 2 windscreens for my bmw r1200gs lc adventure, now wunderlich Marathon and I have to say is super.Also the delivery time ordered on 28-12-19 and on 31-12-19 already delivered faster service top
22 July 2019
Good windscreen without turbulence
Well crafted and performs flawlessly
1 February 2019
A beautifully made, thick, quaility and optically clear screen.
Works great and even better when used in conjunction with a Puig (6375) or Wunderlich ergo deflector. I get NO buffeting at all and i can still see OVER the screen (i am 1.87m, 34¨inseam)
The only small issue is that it is delicate and can scratch easily.
But this is true for any piece of plastic, so just have to be careful when cleaning it.

Overall, this screen is nothing short of amazing.
I recommend using BOTH left and right screen supports with the Marathon.
One side will suffice, but better with both in place.
This is it
23 February 2018
I was looking for a windscreen for my size 1,87mt.
And I found it. Very nice shape and finishing.
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