Wunderlich Screen »MARATHON« with Screen reinforcement

Wunderlich Screen »MARATHON« with Screen reinforcement

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The Marathon screen also provides incomparable touring comfort on longer tours. It's drawn close to the rider and the original adjustment mechanism can continue to be used. However, since this mechanism means the original sreen clatters annoyingly on gravel tracks or bad country roads, we offer this Marathon screen with additional screen reinforcements on both sides. It's also significantly higher and considerably widened at the bottom. This means it offers the best protection for all body sizes.

The facts:

  • Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms
  • Significantly higher and considerably widened at the bottom (transition to the protectors)
  • Thanks to a special manufacturing process the screen does away with any edge protection offers a perfect view
  • Adjustable to almost all riders and riding habits
  • Built-in flow channel: If the windshield is set higher, the vent changes and counters turbulences with a calming countercurrent
  • No water droplets on visor in rainy conditions
  • The vehicle design is consistently accommodated in every line. The screen integrates perfectly into the overall layout, emphasises the contours and gives the GS an imposing look
  • Screen reinforcements on both sides
Technical info
  • Material: Robust, optically pure PMMA acrylic plastic
  • Width: 476 mm
  • Height: 524 mm
  • Windshield thickness: 5 mm
  • With German Type approval
  • 60 days right to return
  • 5 year warranty
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Best Screen on the market
30 October 2019
Fantastic design. Spectacular and vibration-free aerodynamics with the use of reinforcements. Unquestionable quality, 5 stars !!!
12 August 2019
it was delevered by dhl ,sign and good paccage good discribtion and easy to fix
thank you wunderlich team
24 July 2019
I changed the wind screen yesterday. My bike is a BMW R 1200GS Rallye with the stock screen. I am 192 cm and the standard screen gave me too much wind noise and buffeting on longer trips. I changes it myself last night, I am no mechanic and have too many thumbs but the instructions were good, and I had no problems fitting the new screen. I`ve only had 20 km so far but the difference in wind noise is very obvious.
The package and service from Wunderlich very good. I do recommend the Marathon screen so far!
Nice fit really sturdy
22 July 2019
The screen was despatched really quickly together with the additional supports, only took 15-20 minutes to complete the fit with the clear instructions provided. I haven't ridden the bike since the screen was fitted I've only sat on the machine. The extra height and width of the screen should stop some of the buffeting I experienced with the stock screen my only concern is visibility. I'm hoping it won't be too dark that's the impression I got sat on the bike if it is it will be money wasted in hind site maybe the clear screen was the better choice for safety reasons. For that reason alone I'm going to give the screen 3 stars, for looks it would have been a clear 5
Fits perfect, looks very nice, big difference on the road
6 March 2019
The windshield came with very clear instructions and you can install the windshield without making any scratches - neither to the shield or your bike. Including reading the instructions and dismounting the old windshield you are done in about half an hour, and it can be done a quicker than that.

The windshield is very nice and sturdy and looks beautifull on my black R1200GSA. It adds a lot of comfort and the smoked glass does not 'deform' your view.

The one thing I had not anticipated on is that you will look more through the glass than you might expect - in particular the road right in front of the bike. Even though the glass is of very high quality, it takes a little getting used to looking over and through the glass. In particular at night on less illumated roads there is quite a difference between the unobstructed view and thev view through the shield. I am pretty sure you will get used to it, but I kept wondering if I would see a pothole or some loose sand on time while driving at night.

Looks are worth something - and it beautified the front and side view of my bike. But safety is worth something too, so (with a bit of sadness) I am switching to the Marathon clear shield (exchanging the shield is litteraly done in under five minutes).
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