Wunderlich screen reinforcement for original or accessory screen

Wunderlich screen reinforcement for original or accessory screen

Part No. 43520-212
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The windshield reinforcement on both sides stabilises the windshield and thus reduces turbulences and vibrations caused by the airflow e.g. at high speeds. More than this, the windshield reinforcement on the left ensures that the windshield sits especially tightly when riding over rough terrain. The windshield reinforcement significantly increases riding comfort, especially if you have a tall windshield.



  • windshield reinforcements left
  • Stabilisation of the windshield, especially for tall windshields (because of the higher wind pressure) as well as higher stress on the windshield holder when riding over terrain
  • Reduces turbulences and vibrations caused by airflow
  • Brackets prevent unpleasant fluttering and the resulting vibrational cracks in the windshield as well as vibration/rattling noises and the shearing of the original linkage
  • Fits with original navi bracket
  • No restriction when adjusting the height of the windshield
  • Locking screw secured against loss
  • Easy to fit
  • Includes attachments

Technical info

  • Material: Stainless steel, precision crafted, 3 mm, black powder coated


  • Wunderlich. Small batches. Made by hand.
  • Integrated design
  • 60 days right to return
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Wunderlich product category

  • Ergonomics

For optimum stabilisation of the windshield we recommend you use the screen reinforcements for left and right (43520-232)!

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OK, but with the windscreen in the lowest postion I cannot insert the key to unlock the standard BMW Navigation.
31 May 2017
OK, but with the windscreen in the lowest postion I cannot insert the key to unlock the standard BMW Navigation.
So I have to unlose the knob, put the windscreen up, then I can put in the key to unlock the navigation system, and then put the screen back and tiden the knob again.
Furtherwise OK.

A "must have"
7 May 2017
This item is superb build quality, and unimaginably useful. At high speeds the original windscreen tends to vibrate a lot due to the silicon buffers used at the bottom screws, that causes vacuum between the windshield and the rider's helmet, which gives a buffeting effect. With this item installed, the buffeting effect and the vibration of the windscreen at highway cruising speeds is minimal, does not completely go away (that requires a complete re-design by BMW) but it merely becomes a minor nuisance rather than a distracting factor. I would highly recommend this item for highway and high speed riders. Installation might require assistance from a dealer. If you are really into buying this you need to consider buying "Additional screen reinforcement R1200GS LC 43520-302" as well. With this item, both sides of the windscreen gets levelled, and equally balanced, therefore does not vibrate on one side, and keeps still at both. Caution: When you want to change the height of your original screen, do not forget to lose the knob at the support (big black one on the left), otherwise you will damage the supports for the windscreen.
13 April 2017
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