Wunderlich "AKTIVKOMFORT" rider seat with seat heating

Wunderlich "AKTIVKOMFORT" rider seat with seat heating

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The new generation of seat: Thoughtfully designed with many innovative solutions. The original seat has an unfavourable design that puts strain on the coccyx and the incline of the seat surface results in many riders having the wrong pelvic posture. We've swapped this for a foam core with a completely new and unique contour and unique material construction.

The facts:

  • Distinctive concave profile (recess in middle of seat)
  • Relieves the coccyx and optimises weight distribution across the entire seat
  • Progressive two-layer construction with soft top layer and rigid core guarantees and even strength distribution
  • Sweat-reducing, grippy cover material, combined with pin-tucks in Alcantara
  • High-strength "RoburC" shell of our own construction
  • Refined, dropped "Cut" seams
  • Taped and welded seams for 100% tightness on modern PFAFF hot air welding machines
  • Height meets standard seat height
  • Also available as a passenger seat
  • Absolutely perfect for long journeys
  • Carbon seat heating mate
  • Optimum warmth distribution
  • Integrated control with cable harness
  • Simple assembly
  • Made in Germany
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