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GTronix 360° High-Performance Multi-function Spray - 75 ml

GTronix 360° High-Performance Multi-function Spray - 75 ml

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Corroded contacts, stiff hinges, dirty or bleached surfaces - all this is now a thing of the past with the GTronix 360° Multi-function Spray. Thanks to its outstanding creep and lubrication properties, GTronix 360° is the best helper for your motorcycle.

GTronix 360° is the new multi-oil in motorcycling and a reliable partner in industry, trades and the home. With its water-blocking effect, GTronix 360° offer long-lasting, all-round protection against corrosion and moisture, which puts it in a different league to most other creep oils and contact sprays. Additionally, GTronix 360° ensures clean contacts in all kinds of electrical systems. The newly developed composition means that GTronix 360° offers long-lasting lubricating performance and is also ideal for use as a creep spray on rusted or tight parts.

Retain the functionality of your motorcycle, protect and maintain your mechanical and electronic components with this all-round multi-oil.

The facts:

  • Works as a contact spray for protection against corrosion and moisture
  • For long-lasting lubrication
  • As a creep spray for loosening tight components
  • For excellent cleaning of components

How it works:

After coating the surface, GTronix 360° forms a fine protective spray and hermetically seals the component. This means water and oxygen cannot react with the component. This water-blocking effect not only hinders the corrosion process, but also creeping currents and short-circuits in electrical cabling. GTronix 360° offers the very best lubrication properties by insulating against moisture and wetness. The excellent creep behaviour also helps to loosen tight components.

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