ERGO sport foulding mirror round

ERGO sport foulding mirror round

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The ingenious mirror range, with continuously adjustable angle and stem length (Flash).

If necessary the mirror bodies can be folded away completely. This solves problems such as the limited rear view of following traffic
or a design that is too wide to go through narrow spaces.

In case of a fall when the mirrors are in the regular position the folding hinge gives the mirror an extended folding range, and the
built-in friction clutch allows the mirror to rotate around its mounting point, preventing damage.

Convex mirror glass for an extended field of vision (magnifying effect).

The facts:

  • Continuously adjustable angle, can be folded in if required.
  • Built-in friction clutch between thread and mirror.
  • High levels of protection for mirror mount.
  • Very little or no damage in a fall. 
  • E-certified.
  • Comes equipped with mounting adapter.
  • Quick and easy fitting.

Fits both left and right side, price per piece.

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Look stock, but more adjustable
29 March 2011
My 2006 GSA had aftermarket mirrors when I bought it from the original owner, so I don't have any way to compare these mirrors to the stock ones. All I can say is these are well made, very adjustable, and seem to give me all the visibility that I need.
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