Wunderlich Topcase rack »TOUR«

Wunderlich Topcase rack »TOUR«

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This top case rack was designed exclusively to fit the large Original BMW top case of the R1200/1250 RT and K1200/1300 GT. It is a very elegant and simultaneously useful addition to your top case that allows you to carry additional gear along and/or those things that you wouldn’t want to put in your top case, such as wet rain suits, gloves etc...

The facts:

  • Sealed, robust attachment at four points. (the tubing has threaded ends)
  • Seamless precision steel tubing
  • Outstanding chrome plated finish and workmanship.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Supplied seals create waterproof attachment points
  • Includes all necessary hardware and drilling template

Installation requires drilling four holes in your Top Case lid at specific locations. A bit of patience and mechanical skill is very helpful. Note that the front holes must be drilled at an angle. The proper tools to do the job are required.

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26 March 2020
Good looking, sturdy topcase rack
21 December 2019
Nice rack for construction on the lid of the topcase. Installation is easy, but a template for the holes is not included. The installation instructions are very clear though. I am not a very techical person, but I had it fixed within 20 minutes.
17 June 2018
Brought the rack through Nippy Norman’s in the UK
Arrived in 48 hours and I couldn’t wait to fit to see if it was a difficult as some have said
The unit was well made but 3mm out of square (not noticeable, just me being a nerdy engineer)
It didn’t come with the said drill template but honestly you don’t need it
It took 10minutes to fix and it fitted perfectly (I used a tigh 6mm diameter drill for the bolts so The was no play at all)
All bolted up fine, you would have to be stupid not to be able to fit this unit correctly on less than 15 minutes
Tools required are a cordless drill, 3mm and 6mm drill and an hexagon bit.
Look great and can’t wait to load her up for the French trip
Installation could be made easier
26 September 2012
I liked the look and quality of the rack for my R1200RT but the installation could be made easier. The drilling of the two front holes at the required angle is somewhat difficult and if not done properly, makes installing the screw close to impossible. An easy fix would be to redesign the front of the rack where these screws attach similar to the design of the rear screws- flat to the trunk rather than the angled approach. Though a nice design, I think a little function over form is in order.
Top Case Luggage Rack Install
1 May 2012
I enjoyed the benefit of having a good buddy who recently installed this rack. He came over had a couple pieces of advice, throw away the template and install the angled (front) legs first. He had followed the factory instructions for his installation and from that experience arrived at the conclusion that I should not. We carefully measured and triangulated until placing the rack in the right spot, drew pencil around the front, spring loaded center punch to mark for the drill, finished by drilling with angle to the rear. Loosely installed purchased 6x20mm bolts, lower and marked the rear, punched and drilled. Installed bolts in the rear and tightened it all up. Under 40 minutes invested including opening the box. I do recommend getting the longer 6mm x 20 mm bolts for the front and using the longer ones in the kit for the rear. I got the black powder coat, the finish is great and the rack looks great on the machine. I recommend this product.
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