Handlebar riser - 25mm - silver

Handlebar riser - 25mm - silver

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The factory spec R is delivered with a sporty sitting position that inclines toward the handlebar.

Anyone who does not like sitting bent over will find here the ergonomic symbiosis of the perfect touring posture with a relaxing long-distance travel sitting position. Small change – astonishing effect: In this way even longer tours will be a pleasure.

The facts:

  • 25 mm height increase.
  • Improved handling.
  • More immediate feel for the ride.
  • Relaxed upright sitting position.
  • More mobility.
  • Individually machined of solid Dural aluminium (not cast).
  • Anodised.
  • Quick and easy conversion - no further changes required.
  • Complete with set of bolts.
  • ABE approved.

For the R models a raised handlebar is a particularly sensible investment, as the options for handlebar angle
increase at the same time which in turn has a positive effect on rider posture. The bars are raised by 25 mm
and brought slightly towards the rider. This riser has allowed every R rider who has tried it to find a completely
personal setting. ABE approved.

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They're just right
By Ernie, posted on 3 June 2013
I have the BMW high seat on my bike and have always felt I was leaned over a bit too much. These risers put the handlebars at just the right height for me.
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