S100 Motorcycle Rapid Cleaner - 500 ml
  • S100 Motorcycle Rapid Cleaner

S100 Motorcycle Rapid Cleaner - 500 ml

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For occasional rapid cleaning – without water!

Most care products for motorcycle cleaning use water. It's often necessary to ride to a place where you can wash your bike since many riders have nowhere to wash it at home. There are also the legal requirements for oil disposal to be considered. Usually only home cleaning products or other unsuitable products are available when we need to carry out occasional rapid cleaning/care (e.g. when riding into a courtyard or in the garage). These are typically not specialised for motorcycle dirt and thus clean poorly and in the worst instances can damage the material.

Application: shake bottle before use. Spray the product onto dirty surfaces and leave to work for approx. 1 minute (on bug splatters, up to 5 minutes). Then wipe the sprayed areas with S100 THE CLOTH. Turn the cloth and remove any residue with a dry side. Repeat steps for stubborn dirt.

Note: do not allow to dry. Do not use in direct sunlight or on heated surfaces. Do not use on seats and tyres.

Tip: for long-lasting protection, surfaces can be preserved permanently with S100 Gloss Wax Spray or S100 Matte Wax Spray.


  • Cleaning and care in one step
  • Even removes dried on bug splatters
  • Refreshes colour
  • Care components preserve the surface and protect against the effects of weathering
  • Regular use makes cleaning easy because the dirt sticks less stubbornly
  • Material-compatible guaranteed and no scratches when using S100 THE CLOTH (43909-000)
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