TRW Lucas RAC disc brake pads
  • TRW Lucas RAC disc brake pads

TRW Lucas RAC disc brake pads

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LUCAS is the leading name in brake pad technology. LUCAS sinter brake pads provide higher performance compared to organic brake pads: They wear in faster, demonstrate even greater responsiveness in wet conditions, and retain performance better in extreme situations such as emergency stops. And because they are from LUCAS, you can trust that brake disc wear is minimized.

The facts:

  • Sintered metal pad material
  • Ceramic underlayer reduces heat transfer from pads to calipers.
  • Groves in pad channel water and dirt away.
  • Environmentally friendly: (NO asbestos, cadmium, lead or formaldehyde used in manufacturing process)
  • Durable.
  • Suitable for all types of brake discs (not just LUCAS discs).
  • Special compound for front brake (reduce blocking of rear wheel)
  • German type approval

Important Information: It is important that you identify and order the correct front pads for your bike!

  • Up to 11/2002 Has big BREMBO on caliper
  • After 12/2000 there were two versions of calipers. Tokico and Brembo To identify your front brake caliper: on the outside both have BMW. On the inside however, (facing the wheel) they are stamped with either TOKICO or BREMBO

Please Note: Sold as a set for each single rotor

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