Wunderlich Outdoor Cover - blue
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Wunderlich Outdoor Cover - blue

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A BMW needs careful protection from environmental influences when parked up. This ensures dirt and oxidation don’t stand a chance, which is good for value retention.

We’ve surveyed every BMW model and considered every conceivable configuration and variant of vehicle in order to create a protective cover that works on all BMWs. Following these specifications, we have our covers made by one of the most renowned European manufacturers, who contributes their expertise to the process.

The facts - Outdoor motorcycle cover:

  • Snug, soft protection with excellent ventilation and the best protection against all environmental influences. We chose a sturdier material here (elasticated fabric) that doesn’t flutter and doesn’t get soaking wet with trapped moisture on smooth surfaces.
  • Cold and heat resistant up to -30°C and +85 °C
  • Anti-tear, soft and coated fabric. Very thick mesh structure (protection against scratches and impact damage)
  • Material: 90% PVC + 10% polyester
  • UV-stabilised
  • 100% water-tight
  • Elasticated for a snug fit – no extra belt needed
  • Folds perfectly
  • 340 g/m2
  • Includes storage bag
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Europe
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