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R 1200 GS LC

Remember the Six Days.

We present to you the R nineT "Six Days" Scrambler

At the start of September, we presented our "Six Days" Scrambler at the "Glemseck 101" cult event. This can now be delivered complete, and all conversion parts can also be supplied individually. Our scrambler, built in the Six Days style, is an homage to the BMW factory motorcycles of the seventies.

With its minimalist headlight fairing, additional headlight on the crash bar and spoked wheels with studded tyres, as well as the short tail and the wide enduro handlebars, this scrambler is ready for adventures away from the asphalt. Visually, the motorcycle is perfected by the attractive number plate carrier, number plates and the high front mudguard. The tried-and-tested Wunderlich engine and radiator protection is also included, as are our ergonomic, multi-adjustable clutch and brake levers.

The suspension on the "Six Days" proves how serious we are about paying homage to the successful BMW racers. The highly adjustable fork cartridge and the shock absorber — which can be individually adjusted in every respect — give the R nineT Scrambler perfect riding performance, greater ground and leaning clearance as well as significantly better handling over any terrain.

All components will be available from us and our handlers in the near future.
Customer vehicles can also be individually converted in our Service Centre.

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Components installed in the "Six Days":
Wunderlich VINTAGE windshield for VINTAGE TT light screen | 30471-305
Wunderlich VINTAGE windshield for VINTAGE TT light screen | 30471-303
Wunderlich VINTAGE windshield for VINTAGE TT light screen | 44113-202
Fender rear R nineT | 44850-100
Fender Classic front R nineT - high | 44850-000
Fender Classic front R nineT - low | 44850-010
Fender Classic front R nineT - low | 38981-302
Exhaust bracket R nine T | 44201-102
Brushed R nineT number plate set | 44851-101
Engine protection plate Dakar | 26820-102
Brake calliper dirt trap | Artikel-Nr.: 43540-002
Wunderlich intake grid Le Mans | Artikel-Nr.: 42751-002
Oil cooler guard| Artikel-Nr.: 31961-002
Side stand enlarger | Artikel-Nr.: 32421-000
Crash Protectors DoubleShock | Artikel-Nr.: 42149-002
Safety oil filler plug | Artikel-Nr.: 27440-003
Paralever torque arm VARIO | Artikel-Nr.: 26360-003
Crash Protectors DoubleShock | Artikel-Nr.: 42149-002
Gear lever enlargement touring | Artikel-Nr.: 26240-001
Cover for Paralever torque arm | Artikel-Nr.: 34130-001
Lenkerdämpfung Wunderlich Suspension 875 | Konfigurator
Wunderlich Suspension 642 | Konfigurator

Items specially modified for conversion:
Vario Lever brake lever
Vario Lever clutch lever
Clutch and brake reservoir cover set

Screen versions:


Other interesting articles:
Valve cover & cylinder protectors | Artikel-Nr.: 35610-002
MFW mirror stem for handlebar end | Artikel-Nr.: 36370-002
MFW mirror stem adapter | Artikel-Nr.: 36380-002
MFW mirror housing RACE | Artikel-Nr.: 36390-002
Manifold Sport - stainless steel | Artikel-Nr.: 44202-000
Exhaust heat protection tape | Artikel-Nr.: 44260-102
Paralever crash pad | Artikel-Nr.: 20350-002
Throttle sensor cover | Artikel-Nr.: 26800-002

Current video for the Wunderlich R nineT "Six Days" Scrambler:


Here are some images of our conversion:

"Six Days" conversion with low front mudguard   "Six Days" conversion with high front mudguard
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