Wunderlich Strapping loops - black

Wunderlich Strapping loops - black

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A small aid that makes packing the vehicle a pure pleasure. Can be attached to any bolt (up to M6) and provides
a secure hold for straps and hooks. This makes it easy to attach luggage to the seat, for example, without much equipment.

Black anodised aluminium.


Excellent luggage hooks for R Nine T
16 December 2018
I bought these to fit my Krueger US30 luggage straps to. I put them under the pillion seat and secured them with the 4 screws there. They’re a perfect fit and don’t protrude past the edges of the seat so you wouldn’t know they were there. The Kriega straps fit perfectly through them and I was able to secure my US30 to the pillion seat solidly. The only problem then is the luggage overhangs the pillion seat but this is not a problem for me. I will eventually invest in a luggage rack but for now this is a great solution.
great to have...
3 May 2012
Any additional attachment points are great to have on MC. added several of these to my hard bag racks and they do come in handy. Fit and finish is excellent as always with Wunderlich products.
Very nice product, but...
12 April 2011
The strapping loops are, like all the other Wunderlich products I have purchased, excellent in fit and finish. I am disappointed that I had to spend over $12.00 in postage to receive 4 of these loops (a few ounces in weight). I was given no other postage options to chose from. I could have mailed these from the U.S.A. to Australia for � of that via Priority Mail International. I am sure that I will buy further Wunderlich products in the future, but it will take a while to get over the feeling that I was over-charged.
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