Navigation support MultiPod VARIO with carrier plate incl.silentblocks - silver

Navigation support MultiPod VARIO with carrier plate incl.silentblocks - silver

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Extremely versatile and strong device holder with a revolutionary range of adjustment that keeps any electronic device perfectly in view.

This high-quality aluminium holder was originally developed in conjunction with our MediaBag. In the course of the one-year test phase, that covered more than 60,000 kilometres, we further developed the MultiPod and turned it into a unique platform for a variety of

Unlimited range of adjustment 

  • The two ball heads can be adjusted independently 
  • The two ball heads can be rotated through 360° and tilted to any position through 180°. 
  • Continuous fine adjustment using the two fixing screws. 
  • For additional attachment options a separate stainless-steel extension piece is available.

Soft Silent Blocks (optional) filter out all possible vibration effectively. Even delicate devices are thus given the best protection.

Even with a MediaBag mounted, speeds above 200 km/h (~125 mph) and/or on bumpy tracks present no problem.

Perfect finish
Turned and machined from high-strength aluminium alloy and refined with a hard anodised layer, or alternatively available as a light, high-quality aluminium-carbon compound. A technical and visual highlight.

Versatile application
Whether it’s a navigation device or PDA (in combination with our MediaBag), a BMW GPS (satnav), any device with claw adapters, a TomTom Rider (all), or a photo/ video camera, etc., anything can be attached to your vehicle with the MultiPod.

Easy installation
Can be fitted in just a few minutes, thanks to the numerous attachment options.

Height: ca. 160mm

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