Bursig central stand - black

Bursig central stand - black

Part No. 21751-100
Price: €359.00
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The object of purchase may not include potentially shown accessory parts.

Paddock Racing Stand, (central assembly stand)

roller set must be ordered separately if needed, item: 21751-300

The facts:

  • Black powder-coated and galvanized.
  • With automatic lock.
  • Adjusting screws on the cantilever arms.
  • With rubber protectors (e.g. for tile floors).
  • Carrying capacity approx. 300 Kg.
  • Very easy to handle, only approx.12.5 kg.
  • Lift height approx.15cm.
  • Dimensions: H=75 cm, W=47 cm, W if using roller set= 84cm.

Tightening torque for mounting the frame sleeves:

  • M8 Screw = 70Nm.
  • M10 Screw = 80 Nm.
  • M12 Screw = 120 Nm.

The basic setting of the stand is designed for original foot peg systems.

The entire motorcycle can be disassembled on the stand down to the frame and swing arm. (wheels, engine, fork, etc.) Super helpful on the racetrack, or in the garage. Also optimal for overwintering a bike, since it relieves the tires and the entire chassis! Simple function: Replace the nuts on the motor bracket with the frame sleeves we include, insert stand. Now hold the motorcycle with one hand while you use the other to operate the lever arm on the stand, lifting the motorcycle. That’s it!

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