Carbon components

BMW Motorbikes in the carbon trim from Ilmberger

Carbon, unlike any other material, combines technical and aesthetic appeal of the very highest level.

Many years of close cooperation between the specialists Wunderlich and Ilmberger

The processing of carbon, especially for motorcycles, has a name: Ilmberger. That's why we've been working for many years with the specialists from Bavaria. The long years of personal friendship between the Managing Directors Frank Hoffmann and Julius Ilmberger encourage a regular exchange of thoughts on numerous technical ideas. The close connection between Wunderlich and Ilmberger ranges all the way to Wunderlich's motorsports department. Our long-distance machines as well as our Pikes Peak racers are naturally fitted with Ilmberger carbon components.


Ilmberger technology

Ilmberger uses a prepreg, pre-impregnated carbon fibres, that it has developed itself. It is processed by engineers according to the specific anticipated component stress. The experienced specialists from Bavaria take care of the fibre volume's dimensions and define the alignment of the individual fibre layers. The matrix is then laminated by hand and a great deal of experience to ensure it is bubble-free. After hardening in the autoclave, the Ilmberger carbon components satisfy even the highest demands and requirements. This space-age material unfolds its full potential with an up to 70% weight saving compared to the standard part and its weight-specific stability, with form in this case following function. To protect the valuable components, the surfaces are doubly protected (even in the non-visible reverse sides): first, a special protective plastic coating is applied. The finish is applied to the components with a high-quality clear varnish that generates a high gloss and accentuates the aesthetics of the carbon fibre composite structure.


A video by our partner 1000PS provides us with insights into the production of carbon components at Ilmberger:


At Wunderlich, we attach the greatest importance during the development of our premium components to integrated design. By this, we mean that our products integrate into the vehicle in question. We accentuate the contours of the machine, taking account of the material and surface texture of neighbouring series components. Ilmberger carbon components are designed in accordance with the same design principles. This carbon components from Ilmberger underscore perfectly the high-tech appeal of your BMW with the unique appeal of real carbon.

The Ilmberger carbon range at Wunderlich

Here you can find all of the Ilmberger carbon components for your BMW motorcycle, clearly sorted by BMW model series:

Carbon components for the top models in the BMW R Series:

Carbon components for the top models in the BMW S Series:

Carbon components for the top models in the BMW F Series:

Here is a summary of all the other models for which we offer carbon components from Ilmberger:

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