Steering lock BMW
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Steering lock BMW

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Steering lock for all Airhead Boxers. With two keys, fresh grooved pin, washer washer, new round cover and brand new spring.

By the way: the removal of the old lock cylinder is not so difficult - see instructions. Outer diameter 12 mm, spigot length 18 mm, spigot width 7 mm, total length 44 mm.

Tip: Defective steering lock?
No big deal - just pry up the cover held by the groove pin carefully with a sturdy screwdriver (or hammer and small chisel). If the steering lock is engaged, the lock cylinder must be drilled out. For this purpose, first a small drill (3 to 4mm) is set in the middle of the key bit and pre-drilled at low speed. Since the lock is made of brass and only the actual locking bolt is made of steel, it can be rtecht effortlessly rtecht. Then drill the lock deep with an 8 or 9 mm drill and remove completely from the steering tube with the lock cylinder. In any case, the drilled lock should be repealed as a pattern for the replacement lock. Under no circumstances install a lock that is too long, as it may latch into place while driving, blocking the steering. The best way to lubricate the new lock is with graphite or simply with ballistol. The insertion of the new lock - the key is rotated in the closing direction - is done in a few simple steps. To complete the lock repair, the new rivet for the cover plate is retracted.

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