Blue Long-term Airfilter for square filter
  • Blue Long-term Airfilter for square filter

Blue Long-term Airfilter for square filter

Part No. 37210-000
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»BLUE« long-term air filter have specially been developed according to our specs and wishes. They feature an extremely high air rate and maximum filter effect. BLUE-air filter replace the series air filter and pay off by themselves as their filter life is nearly unlimited.

The facts:

  • Deep lamella increase filter area by 10–20% giving extraordinary filter effect and little streaming resistance
  • Higher airflow and acceleration of the air stream within engine intake
  • Oil soaked, very homogeneous cotton fleece
  • Filter material does not take up dirt but simply lets it adhere on the outside
  • Insensitive for temperature and atmospheric influences, humidity and moisture
  • If filter gets wet it will dry out quickly and completely
  • BLUE-Filter are carefully produced in small quantities, so the rubber amount within the fleece is negligible
  • Cleaning is due only after every 50.000 Kilometer
  • (during off-road – and desert use: roughly every 20.000 km)
  • 20 years warranty
  • Stainless steel grid at both sides for best stability
  • Airtight Filter frame made from differently hardened plastics (for high stability or tightness)
  • Patented fastening supports
  • Easily exchanged for original item

For all models with square-type flat air filter

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