Rear Wiring Harness

Rear Wiring Harness

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When customizing the rear end of your motorbike our rear wiring harness is helpful to connect rear light, brake light and the rear indicators to the original main wiring harness of your Airhead-Boxer. It comes with the original six-pin BMW plug. The cable length is a generous length.

There are also two insulation hoses, which can be used as needed. We have kept the original cable colours. The rear wiring harness thus makes the electrification of the rear end achild’s play. So you can disassemble the complete original rear together with the electrics and put it to one side you don't end up destroying the original. This means it is always possible to back equip your original rear end again.

However, it's also suitable as a replacement for the often dilapidated original rear cable wiring harnesses.


Please check, if your BMW is equipped with the 6-pin-plug (see Photo.)

The rear wiring harness consists of:

  • Six-pin original plug with cabling for brake light, rear light, and indicator
  • Cable length approx. 930 mm
  • Insulation hose diameter 7 x 0.7 mm, length approx. 750 mm
  • Insulation hose diameter 4 x 0.5 mm, length approx. 500 mm, approx. 500 mm per indicator cable
  • 1-metre roll with classic, black insulation tape for holding the ends of the insulation hose
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