Clothing - Safety


Safety is one of our core competencies. This includes not only the safety of the motorcycle, but also of the driver. And clothing can have an impact here. Our modern airbag waistcoats offer an outstanding safety feature in this area. And for casual-looking safety while on the road, try our stylish Kevlar Hoodie.

Safety waistcoats inflate within a split second in the event of a fall. This not only usually prevents the head from snapping backwards, but also reliably protects the areas of the clavicle, chest, back and ribs. Our airbag waistcoats can be depended on to prevent or significantly reduce injuries.

Our Kevlar Hoodie also has impressive safety features. Created with hi-visibility protection and tough Kevlar fabric, the cool design and optimum wearing comfort of this hoodie looks good not only on the road but most of all when you’re sitting on your bike.