Clutch reservoir protector - silver

Clutch reservoir protector - silver

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Both the front hydraulic reservoirs are mounted in a fairly exposed position, and even a minor fall can cause expensive damage and maybe a premature end of a holiday trip…

After three of our own damaged clutch reservoirs we designed these protectors, which are supported directly by the
handle bar bolts and fastened, in addition, on the mirror mount. Common sense suggested the use of thick aluminium, able to transfer the impact to the sophisticated brackets without becoming destroyed themselves. The design takes its cue from purely technical necessity (high level of protection with low weight), but, as it is
mounted on the handlebar, is a eye-catcher to boot.

Made in Germany.

Complete set with fitting kit. Easy to fit.

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Customer Reviews

Ease of Installation Review by Eric
Product very easy to install on an \\\\\\\\\\\\\\'09 GSA. Knowing what I know now and seeing product on the bike I would have purchased the black unit as the silver, in conjunction with silver brake reservoir protector, is pretty bright against the black controls on the bar ends. Small potatoes. (Posted on 19/02/2013)
Great Addition Review by Sarie Arar
I installed this product on my R 1200 GS 2012, I have not tested this product for its effectiveness, but the product built and fit on the bike looks great. It adds more personality to the bike. I strongly recommend it. Other GS owners will query about it. (Posted on 09/12/2011)

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