Cockpit fairing R1200R LC - unpainted

Cockpit fairing R1200R LC - unpainted

Part No. 30474-001
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The R 1200 R LC is a beautiful naked bike. But, like all motorcycles of this type, it is suitable for long distances only with reservations. We have finally given the roadster the windshield it truly deserves - dynamically and consistently. Our light screen is the superior compromise between windshield and purism.

We have also toned down the rugged front. A harmonious, but at the same time strong design instead of an unsightly view of the backside of the instruments. Available in three versions: Paintable in any color (30474-001), painted white with red decorative stripes (30474-004), or thunder grey with silver decorative stripes (30474-005) as desired.

The facts:
  • Long-lasting reduction of wind pressure
  • Uniform relief for upper body and head
  • High long-term cruising speed possible
  • Lighter stainless steel basic holder
  • Lighter and almost indestructible ABS plastic
  • Vibration-absorbing seating
  • Protects the instruments from weather and from heavy dirt
  • Light assembly
  • Available painted or in two model-specific colour varieties
  • With ABE

Note: The light screen must be painted before use, otherwise the material can become brittle from UV light.

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