Deep sump conversion kit
  • Deep sump conversion kit

Deep sump conversion kit

Part No. 37980-000
Price: €89.90
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Increasing the amount of oil (+ 1.3 L) circulating has many benefits. More oil means lower oil and engine temperature and less engine wear. Also, more oil means less lubricating cycles for the oil, which reduces the mechanical tear of the oil particles and therefore it stays “fresh” longer. The spacer has 2 inner supports which also dampens and quietens oil movement. The kit comes with two oil pick-up gaskets but does not include oil pan gaskets. We recommend ordering the spacer with the mounting kit - please order separately - which contains longer screws, two oil leveling rings and two oil pump seals Part No. 37980-000. You’ll need to also order two oil pan gaskets. Please follow the link under the Related Products tab to also order these parts.

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