Dry-Save oil plug conversion kit - silver

Dry-Save oil plug conversion kit - silver

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The special configuration of the first 4-valve valve cover requires a specific design combining protection against theft and absolute leak tightness. This was a job for the latest generation of our safety oil plugs. Robust construction and attractive design characterise this oil plug which is easy to use.

The facts:

  • Replacement of the leaky plastic design that is vulnerable to sabotage (removal of the insert inside the valve cover and of the plug itself) with our new plug for boxers!
  • Bolted aluminium insert with an absolutely leak tight and theftproof bolted-on filler plug.
  • Plug can only be opened with special key.
  • Plug is machined of a single piece of solid aluminium.
  • Larger diameter = easier filling, less spillage.
  • The whole assembly cannot be ripped out as before, or turn inside the head cover*
  • Made in Germany.

* The original insert is only pressed into position (easily removed by hand). In many cases, leaks are caused not by the plug but by the insert. Additionally, the original plastic insert uses a small plastic pin to prevent it from turning, but this fragile solution does not need a lot of force to get damaged, causing the plug and the insert to turn together.

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Customer Reviews

Easy fix Review by David Pope
Well well made, had to crank case cover off wasn't hard. Nice look! (Posted on 08/04/2013)
No more leaks anymore! Review by Endre Laszlo Bulbuk
Takes around 20 minutes to install,the hardest part is to push the top part in place,after that goes like "oiled"I did not opened it sice install,but will write more feedback after the first use(opening-closing the cap)very satisfied at this point! (Posted on 17/03/2013)
Dry Safe Oil Filler Plug review (1 year) Review by Bruce Marcus
After installing this item 13 months ago it failed with oil leaking all over the valve cover. Attempted reinstallation failed as well with the plug and locking ring refusing to seat securely in the valve cover oil filler orifice. Replaced OEM part. Not impressed at all with this item although it appears beautifully made. (Posted on 03/02/2013)
no leaks but not perfect. Review by Shin
after installed there is no leak anymore.but it wasn't easy installing it, putting the adapter into place and fitting the small locating pin was not easy, I had to use a plastic hammer to push it into place. then the helper screws together with a screwdriver is not the best way to tighten it up. the small screw in the inside was almost impossible to handle.buy two the opening tool. the one I had was just tight to my keychain and the pin in it just disappeared and I couldn't use it and had to use a screwdriver to open the cap, had to order a new tool from wunderlich. I bought two this time, but now because I used a screwdriver the tool doesn't fit well anymore.I wanted to have a spare cap, only the upper cap, but wunderlich do not sell them separately. what do you do if you loose it?? you have to buy the whole kit again just to have a spare. and again, when installed its a very good solution to this leaking problem. (Posted on 28/12/2012)
No more leaks Review by P.M.Brppks
No more leaks. Just remember to bring the key with you. Getting my old factory seal out was a bear, but after that it was easy. (Posted on 06/05/2012)
Permanent OIL LEAK FIX! Review by David Collins
I have had two R1150R's and both have had issues with the filler plug leaking. I ordered what BMW calls their solution to the problem. I sent it back dissatisfied. The Solution from Wunderlich is the only real solution. Truly leak proof, truly tamper proof and easy to install. Thank you Wunderlich! (Posted on 22/04/2012)
dry safe oil filler plug Review by macadamia
I was using another locking oil filler plug that was leaking. This plug has not leaked since its install. Very nicely made; good install instructions... (Posted on 13/03/2012)
nice item Review by SLS
works great, easy install, no more leaks! BTW, the rocker cover gaskets can be reused. Of course they are "recommended' to be replaced. I've done like 6 valve adjustments without replacing these gaskets and never had a single leak. Just rotate the inner round doughnut rubber sparkplug hole gasket 90 degree when its reinstalled to ensure a fresh sealing surface. (Posted on 30/12/2011)
careful adjustment of the adjusting nut Review by Julian Ruiz
after adjustment cap, should be done to force the nut to grip the screw cap and max can be given 2 laps which are sufficient for a snug fit. (Posted on 18/10/2011)
Please Note! Review by Joe F.
Looking to get this and upon reading the instructions, noticed 2 things:1. Since the valve cover is being removed, its recommended to replace the gaskets, so you'll need to pick those up.2. Because Loctite is being applied to the set screws, its recommended to let it dry for 24 hours, so don't plan on riding for that time.HTH. (Posted on 26/05/2011)

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