Engine housing protection - black

Engine housing protection - black

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The engine protector prevents the aggregate of the motorcycle from severe damage caused by whirled stones or touching the ground. For those who are absolutely sure that they will never drive off-road, we offer an easy-to-handle engine housing protector made from stable aluminium, as alternative to the big engine protector.

The protector is mounted with two screws to the sensitive front of the engine and prevents it from any damage.

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Customer Reviews

Strange but a must have Review by Schwarzkopf
This is simply a metal shield attached to the front face of your boxer engine with two screws, exceptional built quality from Wunderlich as usual. It is a must have because if you are not capable of installing a fender extender like me (because I was not clever enough to buy a Wunderlich bash plate, I bought it from another German vendor), all the dirt, small stones and dust that comes off your front wheel will hit to that exact location where this product gets installed.Since it becomes a front row defense, your faceplate of the engine does not get scratched. Highly recommended. (Posted on 07/05/2017)

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