Engine protection bar - silver

Engine protection bar - silver

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Years of experience paid off yet again in the development of these protection bars: For the first time we managed to construct a perfectly shaped protection bar offering complete protection to the valve cover (even in serious spills), which culminates at the bottom in a protective base frame that fulfils the additional function of providing a solid mount for the protection bar.

Altogether six mounting points absorb all impact forces securely, causing the engine protection bar to only
absorb kinetic energy without damaging other components. The leverage forces are distributed across all six mounting points in the case of a crash. The central mount provides uniform distribution and functions as a pivotal point in case of a fall.

We believe this to be a real hit whose elaborate construction keeps the RT safe from harm. The bars do not
look out of place: they blend in perfectly and give the RT the look of a long-distance tourer.

The facts:

  • Even spread of load
  • Protects cylinder and side fairings
  • Protection to oil sump and oil filter
  • Strong mounting points
  • Routine maintenance work can be carried out without removal
  • Precision bent steel tubes
  • Cornering clearance not affected
  • Silver, chrome or black version available
  • Easy to fit, no modification to bike needed.
  • Made in Germany.

    R 1200 RT (all models)
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Perfect solution
25 August 2019
I have ordered an engine protection bar for my 2007 R1200RT. The product is high quality and fit for the bike. I recommend to everyone. Very fast shipment from Germany to Hungary (4 days). Thank you!
6 May 2013
Installation was a snap due to the tips shared here ... to all of those who took the time to share their info.. Thank You!! Very nice product, well made and look great on my new RT..
the more protection the better
3 April 2013
after I removed the chessy plastic valve cover protectors my dealer sold me, the installation of the wunderluch engine protection bars was easy and took about 30 minutes. The finish matches the color of my lowers, so they look like they belong, and match the saddle bag protectors I installed first. Good sturdy product will protect the paint and plastic in the event of a tip over, well worth the money.
Nice Product, but some issues
26 October 2012
These bars are solid protection for the engine, and look great with the bike, and combined with the case protection bars, gives a nice look and solid tip-over protection for the RT.There are a couple of issues however. Considering the expense of this item, the hardware supplied is cheap, and causes some problems getting the bolts threaded into place. I replaced ALL the mounting hardware with locally obtained stainless steel items, and things mounted up much better.The lower mounting bar attached to the bottom of the engine requires some leverage to get the bolt holes to match up with the engine. This appears to be a problem with whatever jig is being used to weld the tabs onto the tubing.A major issue was the right side (brake side) crossover bar mounting bolt. The supplied unit is too long, and when I was running it in with my ratchet wrench and socket, it bottomed out on the engine and sheared the head off the cheap bolt that came with the kit. This necessitated extracting the broken stud (PITA), and obtaining a much shorter bolt, now stainless steel.Other than these problems, it is a nice addition to the bike, and the bars can be removed easily for engine service before taking to the dealership.A really nice feature is that these bars fit over the GS style metal engine guards, so you can have a lot of protection for the cylinders.
Engine Bars
1 September 2012
Cake walk to install. It's nice knowing the protection is there just in case. These are rock solid. Look good too.
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