ERGO footrest lowering - silver

ERGO footrest lowering - silver

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This footrest lowering has been developed with ergonomics in mind. It provides a relaxed and comfortable seating position and does not leave behind any postural damage, even after longer riding stretches.
In order to achieve the optimal foot position, the lowering bracket had to be carefully machined from solid aluminium.
The set includes all of the required attachment parts.
Nothing needs to be modified on the original mount, no functions are impaired and even the BMW system cases still fit without any restrictions.

The facts:

  • Significantly more relaxed sitting position.
  • Noticeably reduced knee angle
  • Original rubber rests are retained.
  • CNC-milled aluminium.
  • ABE approved..

Rider footrest adjustment
More touring pleasure on the road and better handling for off-road riding. Adjustment: 40 mm lower and 10 mm further forwards.
Boxer emblem included for recess on bracket.

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Knee Saver
By John, posted on 23 May 2013
I just returned from a 4800 mile ride that included a little over 1000 miles in Baja. I installed the footpeg lowering kit and Pivot Pegz before I left. I was attempting to achieve two goals with the new foot peg system. First I wanted a better riding position while I was riding off road and second I wanted to improve the angle of my right leg during the long rides on the slab. I've recently had a total right knee replacement and I couldn't find a happy place for my new right knee with my old system. The foot peg lowering kit and the Pivot Pegz met and exceeded both of my goals. Long days on the slab were now knee friendly and the new offroad riding position impressed the heck out of me. I rode past Coco's Corner in both directions and did a run up to Mikes Sky Ranch. The improved "Scout" riding position on the bike increased my confidence and allowed me ride harder and faster. While I still consider sand to be enemy number one, the improved position on my R1150GS-Adventure kept me from taking any soil samples with expensive BMW parts. If you are a taller than average person like me and have body parts that don't function as well as they used to I would recommend this item. They are a bit pricy but are very well made and in my world worth every penny.
Excellent Product
By Joseph Savant, posted on 21 August 2011
I'm 6'4 and the stock 1100GS riding position was very cramped. These made a huge difference in comfort. Machining quality was excellent and includes extensions to lower the shift lever position as well. After 4 years of use they were one of the better investments I've made in the bike. (FYI I think the other reviewer is speaking of the passenger foot peg lowering kit)
Footpeg Lowering Kit
By SemperAdv, posted on 5 June 2011
The wife loves them. Going from an LT to the GSA was not her choice but she is riding with me again now that I replaced the stock seat and added the Lowering Kit. Happy wife = happy family. It also lowered the peg enough that I can use them for a different riding position when I'm one up. And it doesn't move the pegs to a position that is in the way for off road.
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