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Even when new, the seat of the R100 GS and R100 R was soft. The foam compresses quickly and the seat pan itself is made of a soft and flexible plastic that offers only minimal support. Fast forward plus or minus 20 years and what wasn’t ideal to start with is often in even worse shape.

We still love to ride our 2 valve twins. In many cases, that’s the bike we gravitate to when given the chance. Everything is just so right…..except the seat. So, after creating so many seats for most of the newer bikes, it was time to go back to our roots and improve that part of the bikes we love so much, that one has the most intimate contact with.

Over the last few years we have fine tuned the manufacturing process of our seat pans and we have developed a material that is strong, firm and precisely shaped, while being light weight. As in all of our seats, we added to that our dual density foam, that is soft to the touch but with a very firm core, offering excellent support, mile after mile. To top it off, the cover materials used are of the finest quality and they have an anti slip quality so you are not constantly repositioning yourself. All seams are sealed, making the seat waterproof.

Ironically, the older bike got the new seat last but we look at this in a positive light; we practiced for years on the newer bikes so that we could put all of that know how to use, and make a superb seat for the beloved R100.

The facts:

  • Distinctly shaped (concaved) seating area.
  • Relief of pressure on the tail bone and optimized weight distribution across the whole seat.
  • Improved pillion contour for improved hold to the front.
  • Progressive double-layer construction with soft upper layer and rigid core for even distribution of forces.
  • Uncompromising durability for long distance use.
  • Non-slip, anti-perspiration material combined with ultra suede cording.
  • Built on our own seat pan, stronger and more rigid than the original
  • Classy recessed “cut” seams.
  • Seams glued and heat-sealed on modern PFAFF hot-air welding machines for 100% impermeability.
  • Design by Nicolas Petit (Paris).
  • Made in Germany.
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Customer Reviews

Seat for R100R. Review by Jack Blattner
Good looking seat with great body support, non slip type material is a bonus. four hundred mile days no problem. High quality product. (Posted on 10/11/2012)

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