Exhaust heat protection tape (10m) - graphite

Exhaust heat protection tape (10m) - graphite

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The heat protection tape is intensive tested in races and ensures that the temperature and therefore the flow rate in the manifold is increased.

In addition, it is also perfectly suitable to insulate the manifold pipes and therefore to protect in the areas of trousers, shoes and bags.

It has a very high temperature resistance (750 ° C) and a high flexibility, which also allows the wrinkle-free wrapping of very tight radius.

Although the wrapping of the manifold ensures a certain thermal insulation, nonetheless direct contact with this area should be avoided.

The facts:

  • Asbestos free
  • Waterproof
  • Does not become moldy
  • Dimensions: Length 10 meters, width 50mm, thickness 2mm.

Important note: In modern 4-stroke engines with high liter performance, we do not recommend the use of the exhaust band. Because here, depending on the settings, the permissible temperature range can be exceeded permanently. This can be recognized, when the tape turns white over time.

Customer Reviews

Extremely useful for 2017 GS ADV Review by Schwarzkopf
I have bought this product due to the excessive heat coming from the catalytic converter of my 2017 GS ADV. I have wrapped this around the area, and guess what, no heat anymore, have tried it for the last 500 km, with high RPMs and engine temperatures up to 100C, no problems either from the engine or from the electronics. I highly recommend for 2017 GS ADV users. While installing do not forget to wear gloves !!! (Posted on 26/08/2017)

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