Feeler gauge kit All Four Valve Twins

Feeler gauge kit All Four Valve Twins

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In our view, these feeler gauges are the best and most accurate for adjusting the valves on your four valve boxer. When adjusting the valves, it’s very important to use two feeler gauges.

If you were to adjust one valve at a time, the small amount of play that exists in the rocker arm bearings will make it nearly impossible to get an accurate and consistent adjustment on both valves. The trick is to have two feeler gauges, one for each valve. You’ll be able to evenly match the drag that you feel on each set of valves.

These feeler gauges are the perfect length and each one features a grippy plastic handle that provides the feedback needed for an accurate valve adjustment, even with oily hands. We supply a kit consisting of two 0.15mm gauges for the intake valves and two 0.30mm gauges for the exhaust valves. They are color coded for easy identification.

Professional quality tools, made in Germany, that will last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Great Product Review by Eddie Schulz
on my second GS and wanting to rotate between myself and the dealer doing the repairs.. this is a must have product that is very well made.. (Posted on 29/03/2013)
feeler gauges Review by macadamia
These made quick work of my valve adjustment. I recommend buying them if you do not already have a set of feeler gauges (Posted on 13/03/2012)
Perfect! Review by Matt
Just did my first adjustment with these and worked like a charm! Used a friend's set, but also have set of my own now. He tied his to a 4' length of string in pairs (1 intake & 1 exhaust per string). That lets you drape the string over the bars so if you get one loose and the gauge falls, it doesn't hit the floor...also keeps them from getting lost! (Posted on 19/10/2011)
BMW Feeler Gauges - excellent Review by Nick B.
While on face value they seem a little pricey, they are worth their weight in gold when it actually comes to adjusting your valve clearances. Each rocker arm operates two valves and so has two adjusters, it is much easier to set accurately with these gauges, (two of each size). The gauges, because of the molded handle, will sit in the clearance for both valves while you adjust each in turn.I've adjusted a lot of valve clearances over the years on many different vehicles, but had read this was a tricky procedure on the BMW's with the gap on one valve altering as you adjust the other etc. With these feeler gauges I found the job as straightforward as any other valve adjustment I'd done.Wunderlich's shipping was ultra fast too - very impressed (Posted on 27/06/2011)
Perfect for task Review by Bruce
These were delivered very promptly in good condition. Just what is needed for valve adjustment: R1200RT much more smooth, and increased 3 MPG. Last adjustment by dealer: I'll do it myself from now on. (Posted on 02/06/2011)
Great product Review by Michael Kotan
They are really easy to work with and must to have tool as you need to have 2 and 2 per each side to adjust the valves properly. They seems to be made out of good material and even if you have oily hands they are not that slippery thanks to the plastic handle. (Posted on 16/05/2011)
Simple and effective Review by Leonard Heflin
I use these for tune up time and carry them with me when I travel. Like I said above, they are simple, needed and easy to carry. They appear to be made out of good quality materials. (Posted on 12/04/2011)

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