Float chamber secure 2V Boxer

Float chamber secure 2V Boxer

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Many 2V riders have discovered, to their horror, that the float bowl cover they just lost has been flattened by a lorry behind them. This happens when the boot tip accidentally dislodges the clip or when the clip has not been correctly fitted. To prevent this (and a long face) the float secure wire has to be fitted. For many long distance, desert + off road riders already a standard Peace of Mind equipment.

For all 2V Boxer. Complete set for two carbs. Installation requires drilling a small hole in an otherwise unused part of the float bowl. All needed parts are supplied with this kit.

Here are the installation instructions:

1. Remove float bowl and pour the fuel into the tank. You will need to drill a 3.5mm hole at the bottom the outer cavity of the float bowl, opposite the pressed in steel plug. IMPORTANT: The cavity on the inboard side of the float bowl is part of the cold start system and has a starter jet screwed in. DO NOT DRILL A HOLE IN THAT ONE!
2. Insert a thin punch or something similar into the hole you just drilled and tap the plug out of the float bowl. Insert the wire through the hole and place the ferrule about 7 – 8 mm from the end and pinch it with suitable pliers. Tap the small steel plug back into the float bowl.
3. Using a 3.5 mm drill, Enlarge the hole just above the butterfly shaft of the carburetor. Now carefully cut threads into the hole using the supplied self tapping screw. After each turn, remove the screw and clean the threads.
4. Attach the catch wire to the carburetor with the supplied stainless screw, such that the pinched side of the ring points towards the motor.

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