FolyMaps Map Set: Northern Italy - Italien-Nord
  • FolyMaps Map Set: Northern Italy

FolyMaps Map Set: Northern Italy - Italien-Nord

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The FOLYMAPS tour map sets with scales of 1:250,000 are a unique product. Each set has eight tour maps for the region. On every map there are up to five different tour recommendations, which are described in detail on the back side of the map page. Moreover, the robust maps can be effectively used as street maps for planning as well as on the road.

The maps are coated and are thus protected from water and dirt. In addition, they are tear-resistant. They also come in a handy plastic bag, offering further protection. The use of microfilm in place of stiff lamination means that the maps are highly flexible and can be folded. This allows them to be stored in the tank bag, ready for every viewing.

The following tour maps are contained in this set:

  • Piedmont-Aosta
  • Piedmont-Lombardy
  • Lombardy-Gardasee
  • Southern Tyrol-Trentino
  • Trentino-Veneto
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia
  • Piedmont-Lombardy
  • Liguria-Toscana

The maps are at a scale of 1:250,000 to 1:300,000.

At this time the following FOLYMAPS tour map sets are available: Northern Germany, Southern Germany, French Alps, Northern Italy, Corsica-Sardinia, Croatia-Solvenia, Austria-Switzerland. Further sets are already in the works and will appear in Summer 2016.

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