Front sprocket - 17 teeth
  • Front sprocket

Front sprocket - 17 teeth

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We think that the F ratio is too short. We have the right ratio for any requirements: The relatively high engine revolutions can be lowered, thus providing new touring pleasure. Alternatively, the ratio can be shortened further for hard off-road riding, mountains etc. Made of high
quality, tough + hardened steel and machined – not die cut – using the Diamond Cut procedure.

Info: Original final drive ratios are:
F 650 GS - 17/41
F 700 GS - 17/42
F 800 GS - 16/42

Customer Reviews

Well Worth It Review by Andre Boening
First off, it barely fits in the space next to the swing-arm, but it does fit. Fuel economy has greatly improved. My F-800GS went from about 46 to 52 mpg and the engine rpms have been greatly reduced, taking the engine into a sweet spot at highway cruising speeds and the high rpm vibration is largely gone. The only problem, and a minor one for me because most of my traveling is on gravel roads or pavement, is that traveling on tight trails in first gear at a speed just greater than walking is worse. Without a lot of clutch work, you can't go slow enough. (Posted on 29/12/2011)

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