Handlebar riser VarioErgo with ABS - black
  • Handlebar riser VarioErgo with ABS

Handlebar riser VarioErgo with ABS - black

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It’s easy to recognise an RS rider, even years later: he is hunched over and plagued with back problems. The basic concept of the original handlebar is sound, but it needs to be raised to liberate the rider from his hunched-over posture.

In order to allow you to adapt the handlebar to your body size we have built an adjustment option (as in the original) into the risers. The relaxed, ergonomically ideal posture has the added benefit of noticeably improved control of the bike.

The bars are moved 30 - 42 mm (~1.18 - 1.65”) towards the rider and also 20-27 mm (~0.78 - 1.06”) higher. The adjustment has three positions and is quite easy to change (similar to original). An elegant solution that ensures pain-free riding pleasure.

Long-distance comfort is now comparable with that of touring bikes. Anodised black and rounded off with the matching Boxer logo. Includes new brake line. ABE approved.

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Customer Reviews

BMW R1100RS Application Review by E Coleman
This kit is working as advertised. I was able to install it myself with some difficulty, i.e., the brake line included with the kit is for the R1100RT, and required minor modification. In the seemingly rare case that someone else also has an RS model requirement, a brake line with straight, or gentle bends on the couplings would work better. The crush washers on both sides of the couplings are a little tricky as well, but are essential to prevent the leaking of brake fluid. (Posted on 15/03/2013)

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