Headlight guard foldable

Headlight guard foldable

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A perfect protection from thick, optically pure Lexan material that protects against impacts from even very small projectiles. The folding mechanism is especially practical, as when it rains the droplets of water can create unpleasant reflections on transparent headlight guards and there is a danger that the rider will be blinded. The folding mechanism allows the panel to be adjusted optimally and, if needed, to simply be folded away.

Rigid headlamp grills or the original protective glass may only be used off-road, and the headlamp glass concealed behind them is difficult to clean. Our headlamp protector provides all-round protection for the headlamp and can simply be hinged down for road use or cleaning

The facts:
  • Optically clean, shatter-proof Lexan protective screen.
  • Adjustable to avoid reflections and glare.
  • Headlamp and inside of the screen are easy to clean.
  • Permitted for road use when folded down. 
  • Can quickly be swung into place for off-road use.
  • Simple to fit.
  • Scratch-resistant protector with robust, coated brackets.
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