Headlight protector clear

Headlight protector clear

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A stone that flies up and/or short off-road stretches often mean that the original headlights are finished. Rigidly mounted headlight grills or the original protecting screen can only be used legally off-road tracks, and the headlight glass behind is difficult to clean.

Our headlight protector protects the headlight in all circumstances and can simply be folded forwards when riding on the road or for cleaning purposes.

A perfect protector that also protects against any small projectiles. The folding mechanism is particularly useful, as rain drops can cause unpleasant reflections and you run the risk of dazzling yourself. With the folding mechanism, the screen can be positioned just as you want it and in an emergency it can simply be folded away.

The facts:

  • Optically pure indestructible Lexan protector.
  • Adjustable position of protector allows finding of best position, reduces reflection.
  • Easy cleaning of the headlight and the inside of the protector.
  • Permitted for road use in folded position.
  • Can be quickly put in place for off-road use.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Scratch-resistant protector with robust, coated brackets.
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Customer Reviews

Glad to have it following the rock spitter. Review by Lindsay Baker
This guard was really easy to install. I was dissapointd to discover that the lense rattled in the frame but 3 drops of glue fixed it. I have just returned from 6 days of gravel roads with lots of mud and dust. This guard now accumulates 3 layers of dust instead of one, but the fold down feature makes road side cleaning very easy. I whipped up a nice little visor to prevent the back glare produced. (only a problem at night)I was glad to have this guard fitted when travelling at high speed on gravel roads following my buddies spinning knobbys. (Posted on 09/08/2012)
Don't leave home without it Review by Jim Reynolds
I put this on before putting a single mile on my GS. It rattled a little bit at some RPM's until I snugged it up - it's good now (I was a little over-cautious tightening it at first). Actually very easy to install. You do get some reflections up onto the windshield when it's in the vertical position, that's the only negative. Quality is very good. (Posted on 22/03/2011)

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