The Wunderlich autumn special

Everything for motorcycling in the golden autumn

After a great motorbike summer, the lovely golden autumn now attract you to travel and ride tours, albeit with different conditions. The heat is no longer an issue, but you can feel the sun and shade all more intensely, and the forest and freshly ploughed fields are fragrant as you pass by on your motorbike.

In the morning it is foggy, in the evening it is dark earlier, the sun is lower and the roads are partly wet or damp and covered with foliage.

For the autumn we offer all components that make motorcycling pleasant, relaxed and safe.

In the dark and in fog, our proven auxiliary headlamps help you see and be more visible. Our shields for hand and foot protect against dampness and even more against rain, our cockpit and navigation system glare shields against the flat rays of the sun. Our new collection of functional underwear ensures a comfortable climate in in your riding suit!

We have a solution for every requirement and we have compiled the recommended components for you in our autumn special. We invite you to browse through our wide range of products and if you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help you.


Only for a short time:

- 20% on Wunderlich handlebar muffs

The best protection against cold fingers is protection from the outside with classic handlebar muffs. Our handlebar muffs made of water-repellent and dirt-resistant, high-quality fabric simply go over the handlebar grips on the left and right and are fixed with a quick release.

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