"HI-VIS" Airbag Vest - S - yellow

"HI-VIS" Airbag Vest - S - yellow

Part No. 42790-040
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The jacket has a built-in inflatable bladder linked to an ultra fast deployment system composed of an oversize, pressurized CO2 cartridge, a firing pin, a key marble and a spring. When inflated, the airbag will protect the rider's torso, kidneys, lower back, back and shoulder blades and will prevent whiplash by creating an inflated collar around the helmet. Should the airbag be deployed, it can be deflated and rearmed by replacing the CO2 cartridge.

The key marble is linked to a security cord. When the pilot is ejected from the motorcycle, the key marble is released and the firing pin pierces the CO2 cartridge by action of the spring's pressure. Over one-tenth of a second, the released CO2 will inflate the air bladder, adding extra protection to the rider. Once the bladder is inflated, it will slowly deflate over a two and a half minute- time period.

Should you be concerned by an accidental deployment of the airbag (when getting off your motorcycle while still attached to the leash), rest assured. A 30 kg (60-pound) pulling force must be applied to the retaining key in order to activate the system, thus limiting accidental inflation of the vest.

  • Waterproof Cordura outer shell
  • Velcro adjustment straps at the hips, cuffs and arms
  • Adjustment snaps on the arms
  • Lumidex and 3M Scotchlite reflective material
  • Three pockets with zipped closure
  • Full-length (torso and arms) removable liner
  • CE-approved Knox impact protectors on the back, shoulders and elbows

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