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BMW R nineT Scrambler — remembering the sixties

With the presentation of the first R nineT model it was clear that BMW would follow up with other versions of this hugely successful modern classic. The Roadster was very well received, particularly by customisers who really took to the new model and created their own fascinating conversions, including an entire range of highly appealing scramblers. It is therefore no surprise that the Bavarians have created a scrambler as the first design variant.

Upright seat position, bulky tyres, high exhaust and wide handlebars, as well as longer spring deflections — these are the hallmarks of a scrambler. Back in the sixties, American hobby riders used to bring their converted two-wheelers to mountain and road races. Although it later gave way to the enduro class, the scrambler is experiencing something of a renaissance today and are in higher demand than ever.

With the R nineT Scrambler, BMW has tapped into this current demand with pinpoint accuracy. High exhaust, 19-inch front wheel, new steel trellis frame,
telescope fork with bellows, higher handlebars, as well as several additional modifications, ensure that everything on the scrambler is a harmonious match.

Of course, we have also adopted the R nineT Scrambler by custom-designing attractive, smart accessories for this unique bike. Our engine protection, crash bars, manifold protector and Co. provide extra safety down near the tarmac, while our number plate holders, racing plates and more ensure a totally individual
and refreshing look. Of course, we also have coherent luggage solutions in our repertoire. Our Retro tank bag and luggage bags aren't just practical, they look great too.

Stay tuned! Our developers are currently working hard on many additional components. We keep you up to date in our shop.

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Other interesting products for the Scrambler:
Side stand enlarger / Part No.: 32421-202
Wunderlich "VINTAGE TT" light screen R nineT Scrambler / Part No.: 30471-501
Wunderlich "Daytona" R nineT Scrambler cockpit fairing / Part No.: 30471-401
Fender Classic front R nineT Scrambler / Part No.: 44850-410
Fender mudguard R nineT / Part No.: 44850-500
Side stand enlarger / Part No.: 32421-202
Crash Protectors DoubleShock R nineT Scrambler / Part No.: 42149-102
Clutch and brake reservoir cover set / Part No.: 27070-202
Crash Protectors DoubleShock R nineT Scrambler / Part No.: 42149-102

Here you can see the direct comparison to the original


Wunderlich “VINTAGE” windshields for “VINTAGE TT” (yellow | clear | smoked grey):

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